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Life is good, but full as always. I am thankful to live such and abundant life. I am in the midst of continuing to come to some conclusions on two health challenges with my lap band and my knee. The good news is that my diabetes numbers are the best they have ever been. I am currently in diet mode, trying to take some weight back off. Its been nice to be in a good routine emotionally, professionally, physically and spiritually. Ministry continues to be a great joy in the midst of challenges from time to time. I am happy to be teaching online as always as well. The two other things that have been a focus is some curriculum design work for a parent small group study through a publisher and a Lutheran denomination. On top of that I continue to stay very involved in the school and am in the midst of a school board run. I am thankful for an amazing family, a gracious God and this abundant life I get to live.

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