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Working Genius

I am excited to announce that I have received my certification from the Table Group as a Working Genius Facilitator. I am looking forward to using this tool to bring greater productivity, joy, efficiency and team health to businesses and other organizations. You can learn more about all of my revised offerings here.


One of my hopes is to travel to every continent in the world, except for Antartica. So far, I have visited 5 of the 6. Ironically, the one I am missing is the one that is closest to me, South America. As I reflect on the 5 I have visited, here is my ranking from […]

Bucket List & The NFL

One of my bucket list items is to visit every NFL teams stadium at least once. So far I have the following: Denver Broncos (vs. Texans) 2012 Indianapolis Colts (multiple times-season ticket holder) 2013-current NY Jets & NY Giants (Super Bowl 48- Broncos vs. Seahawks) 2014 Detroit Lions (vs. Broncos) 2015 Cincinatti Bengals (vs. Dolphins) […]

Shaped and Formed

An article for Preparing for Amazement Ministries on the things that have shaped and formed me the most. Read it here!


In May, our oldest child, our son Micah, graduated high school. It is hard to believe that we have come to this season already. Next month, he turns 18. We are so excited for this next season of his life as he heads off to Indiana Tech in August to study Graphic Design and maybe […]

Why I like Orange

I often get asked  why it is that I love orange so much. When I am asked, I generally offer one of a couple responses, but decided that it would be fun to write a blog about why I enjoy the color orange so much. So there you have it, the twenty-one reasons I like […]

Seasons of Parenting

Being a parent is the best, most life giving thing I have ever done. It is also the most challenging. We are entering a new season of parenting as our oldest gets ready to graduate high school and go off to college. We are so proud of him. He has already earned more scholarship than […]


This year I have several goals for greater health as a person, Christ-follower and leader. Where do you want to find greater health this year?

Health Trumps All

In most of my professional work, I deal with leader health and organizational health. Patrick Lencioni notes that organizational health trumps everything. Unhealthy organizations are ineffective, toxic and hurt people. This is especially painful when these organizations involve children. Health is not dependent entirely on the main leader our upper leadership, but it’s near impossible […]

My Buffet

A colleague of mine in Colorado Springs once said, ‘some people have a full plate, Marcus has a buffet.’ This is a true statement. As my Facebook bio says, I am a: Jesus Follower. Dad. Theologian. Social Scientist. Pastor. Professor. Author. Speaker. Consultant. I work three primary jobs: First, my main, full-time gig is serving […]

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