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Disney Parks

I love Disney! Over the years I have had more of a chance to travel to Disney, especially since we became vacation club members. I have visited all of the US Disney parks except one water park and below is my list of my favorite parks (minus water parks) in order of most favorite to least favorite. These ratings are different than what most people would say, but they are mine!

  1. Epcot. This has always been my favorite since first going. The culture and the science make it so much fun.
  2. Holywood Studios.  This one recently moved up. A lifelong Star Wars fan, Galaxies Edge alone makes this a great one.
  3. California Aventure.  Cars Land. That is all.
  4. Magic Kingdom. A classic for sure. Was #2 for me for a long time. Its number 1 for many, but not for me.
  5. Animal Kingdom. I love animals. Plus, Flights of Passage may be one of the best rides ever made.
  6. Disneyland. Granted, I have not been there since they added Star Wars, but it just does not measure up for me in comparison to the rest. 

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