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Leaders are life-long learners. If I pay attention, I can learn something new every day. An area of strength for me is that I have very high self-knowledge. That said, recently I learned something new about myself. One of the things I have had to do over time, especially as a leader is to grow some feathers, so things would roll off my back and not bother me as much. Part of being able to do this is to vent about the petty, annoying things. Those tend to get to me much faster than the bigger stuff. One area where I have not grown feathers (thankfully so) has to do with my integrity. When my integrity is questioned I get upset. I always have and I always will. Integrity is a big deal and while I am not perfect, I work hard to be honest, transparent and authentic. While we should not let a lot bother us, some things are worth getting upset about.

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