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A Tough Couple Weeks

The last three weeks or so have been a challenge. The greatest challenge has been in our community as a whole with many tragedies and other losses and events. I have been privileged to be a source of support in most of them, helping in a variety of ways. Caring for others is a call, gift and honor, though it can take its toll as well.

In this time span, we have experienced the following as a community:

The death of a beloved retired administrator at a young age and quickly due to cancer, the death of a young lady in a car accident, with her boyfriend surviving and in the same day, the sudden death of another school employee, all in the same school. Just 8 days later we would see a student from another school lose his life also at age 16 and another 18 year old almost lose his life multiple times in a week after a car accident.

This is all after just being a year plus out of another suicide with a young person in the community, the death of two other students in a car accident, and an accident that burned a young man severely.

My philosophy has always been pretty simple. As a person, follower of Jesus and as a pastor, if I can care for someone and do it without hurting my family, church or compromising integrity, I am going to do it as much as wanted and needed to the best of my ability every single time. There is no other way. Its an honor to walk with people in suffering, even though its not something I would wish for or on anyone.

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