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What a Year

Its been a very full year and its not done yet. Besides the general nature of life, family and working 4 jobs, this year has seen 2 knee surgeries and several trips that included 8 different countries. I have one final trip, a short one to Ohio and I am done traveling for the year, which will be fantastic. In fact, I will get to 4 months without any travel outside of Indiana (knock on wood). On December 26, I will have my third and final knee surgery and it is another big one. They will be repairing and reconstructing the left knee and leg. I will be glad to get it done and it is certainly ready. Most importantly I will be glad to recover and move on. The hope is that by April 1, 2018 I am back to life before knee surgery and by the end of May 2018 I am back in full workout mode. I am looking forward to getting back into routine which I desperately need for my health overall. Its a good time to work on figuring out a new routine as well and I am taking an online course to hep with that. I am thankful and blessed and looking forward to whatever God has for me.

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