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The best word to describe life right now, is abundant. I have to admit that I love using this Biblical word and concept to describe life when it is accurate. There is a difference for me between busy, full and abundant. Busyness is not necessarily a good thing and is out of my control. Abundance is recognizing that God is in control and that I am blessed, its also a way to describe a life that is in rhythm. Full is somewhere in between. 

Life at our new home in Indiana and as a family is going great. The kids are into the full swing of the school routine, Jessica is adjusting to her new job and we are loving our home and property. We are getting to know people, getting settled into the community and having some fun while we are at it. In that sense, life is very good.

For me, abundance comes in many ways. Right now there is a lot of momentum in my life for the good. I am in the best physical routine of my life in terms of diet, exercise, energy and self-care. I have also gotten back into a solid routine spiritually that has been very helpful. This past week was an odd week on this front as I battled some illness, had some early appointments (including a flight over my house to take pictures in an 1946 Piper Cub) and was working on doctoral stuff. We are getting caught up at home, there are just some pictures to hang and some little projects. I am also catching up with my ‘other stuff’ including writing, teaching and other things I work on. September is the month of catchup for me as I also have a lot of doctoral writing due at the end of the month to both stay on track as well as try to graduate in June 2014, a year ahead of schedule. So far I have been able to complete all of my course work as well as all but the last chapter and conclusion of the first draft of my dissertation. I remain very hopeful.

Things at the church are going great. It is a great fit and the people are warm, genuine and encouraging. I am loving preaching every week and having fun with the joys and challenges of being the lead pastor. Last Sunday was my installation service and it was a very joyful time. It has been very life-giving to be in a church that is so hungry for God’s word and the Holy Spirit has certainly been at work in the church and in my own life. Its very humbling and satisfying.

Thats about the update in my life, I look forward to keeping you all posted through this blog, Facebook and other means.

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