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While I have enjoyed the past 6-9 months of discernment, transition and all of the great things God has done, I am glad to finally have arrived to the end of this week. All of the work travel is done, I am caught up in all areas of life; ministry, other professional adventures, our new home, writing and my doctorate and now I can settle into a somewhat consistent routine. As I am a creature of habit I do love routine. Routine helps me to enjoy the non-routine, to focus on God and pay attention to my family and my own health (physical, emotional, spiritual etc). 

Work is going well and I am enjoying preaching each week immensely. I also love leading Bible study and excited for a season of vision. I am thankful for the tremendous encouragement and support and excited about the challenges of leadership. It has been very humbling and yet life-giving so far.

It is also nice to be paying better attention to my own physical and spiritual health. I am also thankful to be able to eat dinner with my family at least 6 if not 7 nights a week. This month that will reduce to 4-6 nights a week due to our vision process, but that will be short lived. 

On all fronts life is good and God is gracious. I am thankful for all we have been given and look forward to the many things God has in store.

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