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Exciting Times Ahead

There are many exciting times ahead for me in the coming months and its hard to believe. This time last year I was winding down my time at Bethel Lutheran church, mourning the change and thinking how much I would miss the people, while also being relieved as it related to some other challenges. I have officially completed my doctoral work. It has been accepted, posted to my transcript and the diploma is here and on the wall. Life is good. I am always excited to see May with warmer weather, the end of the school year, Mother’s Day and birthdays for myself, Abby, my dad and my mom. It also means summer is coming. I am enjoying working on the property outside, cleaning up from a long winter and doing some other things. I am also excited for the summer of celebration as well. We will be celebrating graduation in California with family while attending graduation itself. We will have parties in Colorado, Indiana and New York in June & July. I will go on a mission trip to Philadelphia, the kids go to camp, and we will have some time in New York as well. I hope to be able to relax, kayak, spend time outdoors and have family out as well. I am also excited to have a new colleague at the church, Dan Bellinger that will start full time at the end of June. It certainly will be an exciting summer. I just hope it does not go too fast. My only regret is that I wish we had more time here at the house, but I know that will happen next year with less travel. We will also continue the adoption process. As that continues I also prepare for a trip to Israel in October. God is good!

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