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General Update

It is nice to be back into a routine personally and as a family. I have found my way back to the gym 2-4 times a week, have gotten back into my devotional routine and the rest of the family is on a good, regular schedule. Things continue to go well with work and at the church. I am enjoying ministry immensely. Jessica and I have been able to get out and have a bit more of a social life than we have been used to since leaving Indiana in 2005 this month and hope it becomes a trend for us. We have also been able to enjoy a lot of family time together. Fall weather seems to have arrived which is quite wonderful in my opinion. We have been thankful to have more time to do things and catch up on things on Saturday’s and Sunday’s than we ever had in Colorado so that is quite refreshing as well. I am excited about all of my community involvement and have been able to finally get more involved in the school now that my doctorate is done. I am running for school board and its a competitive race, but I remain hopeful. Things seem to be going quite well and the only complaint is continued delays/uncertainty in the adoption process. Prayers are certainly appreciated.

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