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Health Trumps All

In most of my professional work, I deal with leader health and organizational health. Patrick Lencioni notes that organizational health trumps everything. Unhealthy organizations are ineffective, toxic and hurt people. This is especially painful when these organizations involve children. Health is not dependent entirely on the main leader our upper leadership, but it’s near impossible to have a health organization when the leaders behave in a way that is unhealthy, lacks ethics and clarity.

For me, I struggle with deep anger when adults unnecessarily hurt children. Recently, I have watched an organization that is meant to serve children descend not only into mediocrity, but toxicity. It is certainly unfortunate, but the great tragedy is that many children and families are getting hurt. Often, when an organization is unhealthy, the best, sharpest, brightest, most committed, healthy folks leave.

Organizational health matters. Leader health matters.

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