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My Buffet

A colleague of mine in Colorado Springs once said, ‘some people have a full plate, Marcus has a buffet.’ This is a true statement.

As my Facebook bio says, I am a: Jesus Follower. Dad. Theologian. Social Scientist. Pastor. Professor. Author. Speaker. Consultant.

I work three primary jobs:

First, my main, full-time gig is serving as the Executive Director of Preparing for Amazement Ministries where our mission is to revitalize and build the global church. We do this through church and leader health, church revitalization and international training.

My main side hustle is leading our business, Colorado Carlson LLC, which includes services I offer through RevDrOrange, our hobby farm and some other side items.

I also get to work for Kairos University as a faculty member where I get to work with Doctoral, Graduate and Undergraduate Students.

While I love each of these things, my favorite job is being a dad to my two amazing kids.

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