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This summer, during my sabbatical, I decided to take some time to work on home improvement projects. Understand, that when it comes to these kind of things, any kind of maintenance outside lawn/paint/apple products, I am terrible. It was a great summer learning and gaining confidence. It was also great to improve our wonderful and beautiful home. I did have some help from a couple friends and of course my family. We even managed to fill a 17 yard dumpster between projects and purging. All of the carpet on the stairs and upstairs was ripped up except Abby’s room. I put down carpet squares in the hall and Micah’s room. We will refinish the beautiful wood on the stairs and in our room. We are also finishing up the kitchen floor. There was a lot of mower and vehicle repair, some electrical, some roofing and a whole lot of painting. My mom stripped the wallpaper in both bathrooms and we got to paint both, including the ceilings which needed paint and repair. We stained the deck and the porch as well. There were many other small projects I cannot even remember. I am thankful for this time and look forward to more work projects on the house.

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