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Knee Surgery Update

On June 20, I had knee surgery 2 of 3. This surgery involved 5 procedures on my right knee, three minor procedures, a repair of meniscus tear and a major procedure that basically involved reconstructing/realigning my knee and leg. On February 15 I had the same three minor procedures on my left knee and still have the same major procedure to complete on the left knee. As a result of this procedure, I am not allowed to bear weight on my right leg or bend it past 90 degrees for six weeks. I am also not supposed to drive, though I have had to a couple days so far when Jessica has been out of town. I am now just over 3 weeks out of the surgery. After the 6 weeks I have an x-ray and check up and hope to be released to bear weight and start phase 2 of physical therapy. The first phase is going well and I already have full motion and strength back and am down to one session a week after having three the first week and two the second. I am far ahead of schedule, especially for where I started. At this point, it is mostly a waiting game. I am glad to be doing so well and it is only possible due to prayers and hard work. It reminds me of John Wesley’s challenge that we should ‘pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on us.’ The first 5-7 days after surgery were awful, a shear hell. Much of it was normal for what I had done, but I did have higher than normal pain and a couple very difficult complications. I am glad to be back to work and off the prescription pain meds except a lower dose item in the evening if needed after a long day. I am looking forward to August and getting back to normal!

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