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Bring on the Holidays

October was certainly a full month, yet it felt as though it flew by. There were many challenging things I had to face personally and professionally, but there were also many great things that I was able to enjoy and celebrate personally and professionally. I am always excited for the start of November. November is a time of preparation for one of my favorite seasons, Advent & Christmas. I do most of the shopping, baking, decorating, Christmas cards. This year will be interesting as I need to start earlier on all of these things for a variety of reasons; being in a new house, having some new stuff to use, being the lead pastor and having more responsibility and preaching during this season. I love to host people and share my love for Christmas with others, and so all of this matters to my family as well as those I hope to share my love for Christmas with. I also need to finish up my doctoral dissertation (first draft) this month as I continue on that journey. While October was full and stressful (mostly good stress) I am looking forward to a great November that may also be pretty full. God is gracious!

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