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I appreciate seasons. Seasons are essential to growth and life. When we think about seasons, our first thought turns to seasons of weather. While spring is my least favorite season (it’s the worst on my allergies and I don’t like all the mud!), after a long, cold and snowy winter, the change of seasons is certainly welcome, especially with children that tend to get stir crazy. There are of course also seasons of life, spiritual seasons and seasons in the church year amongst others. For me, Lent (the current church season) is always the most meaningful and powerful. It is a time of great reflection that often leads to greater potential. As I embrace this season of reflection, its clear to me that many great things are on the horizon. I find myself more excited for Easter this year than any other year. While two years ago, the idea of resurrection meant something very unique and powerful, it is the new life of Easter that is the source of my excitement this year. As I look ahead to the spring, summer and fall I am full of anticipation. There are many great things on the horizon that are pregnant with potential. While there will be much work leading up to these things, it will be joyful, meaningful and life-giving work. I am excited about the seasons ahead in the church and ministry. I am excited for several simple, personal things that are coming in the seasons ahead. I am excited about potential, possibility and opportunity in the seasons ahead in teaching and my volunteer work in the community. Potential abounds and I am exited to see what God has in store!

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