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Blessed and Excited

Life is never perfect, nor easy, but the truth is that I am richly blessed. Most days, my only real complaints, which are common and may never go away, are that I could use a skinnier waist and a fatter bank account, neither of which actually matter. I love my family, home and work. I […]

A Tough Couple Weeks

The last three weeks or so have been a challenge. The greatest challenge has been in our community as a whole with many tragedies and other losses and events. I have been privileged to be a source of support in most of them, helping in a variety of ways. Caring for others is a call, […]

What a Year

Its been a very full year and its not done yet. Besides the general nature of life, family and working 4 jobs, this year has seen 2 knee surgeries and several trips that included 8 different countries. I have one final trip, a short one to Ohio and I am done traveling for the year, […]

Knee Surgery Update

On June 20, I had knee surgery 2 of 3. This surgery involved 5 procedures on my right knee, three minor procedures, a repair of meniscus tear and a major procedure that basically involved reconstructing/realigning my knee and leg. On February 15 I had the same three minor procedures on my left knee and still […]

Knee Surgery Part 2

Knee surgery number 2 is coming up next week, the second of three and the biggest one yet. The surgeon will perform 5 procedures on my knee in one surgery, addressing many issues, all caused by my knee caps being out of place (a genetic condition). Though my left is hurting a bit more at […]


My genetics and family history has finally caught up to me with my knees. My dad had several surgeries at a younger age than my own current age. Both of my kneecaps are out of place and several issues have arisen over time as a result. This week I have my first surgery on my […]


  August-October were some very challenging months. Work, home, family and almost every arena of life brought some sort of challenge or attack. It was not fun, especially in the midst of a very busy schedule. It is a nice reminder though, that we take joy in every moment, especially the ones that are not […]


Life is good, but full as always. I am thankful to live such and abundant life. I am in the midst of continuing to come to some conclusions on two health challenges with my lap band and my knee. The good news is that my diabetes numbers are the best they have ever been. I […]


It has been a busy three months since returning from a very hectic travel season. Family life is going well and summer is in full swing. We are preparing for the start of our summer vacation in a week. I am thankful to be back in a strong exercise routine as well. I still need […]

Travel Complete

The past two months have been a whirlwind. Seven trips, 4 countries, 6 states and 31 out of 60 days traveling. What amazes me is that only one of those trips was planned before November. Each trip was meaningful and valuable in at least one way. Each had personal, professional, ministry and church benefit. Each […]

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